Chairman Emeritus

in Memoriam




The late Frances Kennedy served as Chairman of the Board of the National Orchestral Association during a period of transition when the NOA changed its focus from sponsoring orchestral training orchestras, to more broadly supporting the endeavors of American classical conductors, composers and performers. The National Orchestral Association had originally been founded to provide orchestral training for American orchestral musicians. As opportunities for American orchestral players became abundant, Fran realized that the mission of the NOA needed to respond to changing times. Under her guidance, the Association became more streamlined and efficient, allowing it to thrive without compromising its commitment to American classical artists. Fran was also an extraordinary humanitarian who touched the lives of everyone she came in contact with. As the granddaughter of classical music impresario Arthur Judson, Fran had a unique understanding of the challenges facing classical music artists. It was not uncommon for her to open her homes in Utah and Hawaii for use by struggling artists. She leaves a legacy of leadership and compassion that continues to inspire all of those involved with the work of the National Orchestral Association.